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Born and raised in the North Bay, sisters Elizabeth Fullerton Cain and Amy Fullerton grew up hearing their English mother’s stories about being born above their great-grandmother’s store in Wales and her childhood during World War II. In those stories, their mother, Barbara, instilled her lifelong philosophy in her daughters. “Quality over quantity.” “You can only wear one jacket at a time.” “Take what you want, but eat what you take.”

Today, that philosophy influences every aspect of “LOVE from Sonoma.” The name, which also reflects their love of Sonoma, is reflected in a high-quality lifestyle brand that is rustic yet refined, elegant yet accessible and in products that represent their motto: “Love what you buy and buy what you love.”

At “Love from Sonoma,” the mission is to offer our guests treasures they will cherish for years and by doing so, to reflect the values of Sonoma and enrich the community for all who live or visit there.

107 E Napa Street, Sonoma, CA 95476707.934.8280JOIN USHours 11AM to 5:30PM Daily